The Uzbanka script is a writing system used by the Wajajad, Ginki, and Banbinyad cultures during the Bronze Age based on the Wajajad alphabet and extended forms thereof.


The Uzbanka script appeared in the 2nd Century in Wajajad when all the lands were combined, creating a dynasty with one of the greatest military of the time, and with this came an advancement of material culture in Wajajad, with large monuments and the rise of luxury materials at the time, primarily textiles in the context of the Uzbanka script. The script was originally split into two different forms because of the contrast with materials. This was split into Waya Uzbanka for the script painted onto textiles and was made mostly with curved lines in simple shapes, and Bilanta Uzbanka which was engraved into monuments which were straight lines in simple shapes. 

Come the invention of the potter’s wheel in the 3rd century, more stress was placed on learning Bilanta Uzbanka, while the curved line typeface for textiles of Waya Uzbanka split into the script that the Ginki civilisation used when they split from the Wajajad in the 3rd century.

In the 4th century, enormous wealth and stability for Wajajad appeared once again, and the Bilanta Uzbanka typeface was further spread across Wajajad because of this vast wealth, evolving the typeface into one with more exaggeration in lines in the downwards direction and the retaliation for the lack of festivals in the 5th century lead to Wajajad artisans to create more austere artwork, and also add on more style to the typeface with the underlining in the Wajajad Uzbanka script (shown in the link to the previous work on the Wajajad Script).

Between then and the 13th century, not much had changed apart from the founding of cities to the northeast towards the great river of Cradle A, and the gold mines to the south in the 8th century, which again spread the use of the latest version of the script. Then in the 13th century, the second time the language had divulged, and the first since the latest version of the Uzbanka script, was when Banbinyad rebelled against Wajajad in 1276 carrying on but changing the Uzbanka typeface over time to create a new script.


Uzbanka alphabet

Symbols used by the Wajajad in the Bilanta Uzbanka script

Derived alphabetsEdit